Anger Management 818 is on a mission is to improve lives by promoting self awareness and reducing violence through anger management and mental health services in our communities.

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Anger Management 818

Our team at Anger Management 818 has knowledgeable professionals with a wide variety of skills and experience. Our team members walk alongside you to transfer knowledge and help you to identify the root cause of your anger. We then provide you with accessible tools and skills, informed by research housed in our own workbook, to work through healthy ways to respond, rather than react to said triggers. We’re located in the greater Los Angeles area.

Group Options

We offer small group classes at multiple locations and times to fit your schedule.

1:1 Options

Work individually one-on-one with a provider to meet your individual goals.


Whether here by individual choice or required through probation, courts, or the workplace, our programs fit your needs.


We have a custom workbook our clients go through, as well as other resources to help support you on this journey.

How Can We Help?

Whether in a group or 1:1 setting, the Anger Management 818 team is here to help you start the journey towards mending your relationships, and to help you take back control of your life. Find the right program for you in a virtual setting or at any of our five Los Angeles area locations.

Female patient with nervous breakdown during therapy session

For adults

We have offer both group and 1:1 options in multiple locations – in-person and virtually! Find the write program for you.

Girls in Therapy Session

For Teens

Our experienced counselors can work with the teen and their family or work with the adolescent individually.

Women’s group therapy offer a loving, supportive environment where honesty is encouraged and accepted.

En Español

Nuestros grupos de español están diseñados para la población latina y de habla hispana de Los Ángeles.

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View the schedule and register for a group class.

Private Sessions

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Experienced providers are here to help.


You can download relevant forms here.

Anger Management Books

Anger Management Essentials

Anger Management Essentials is a workbook to help people with anger issues to manage their aggressive behavior.

Anger Management Essentials – Spanish

Anger Management Essentials es un libro de trabajo para ayudar a las personas con problemas de ira a controlar su comportamiento agresivo.

For Teens

Our experienced counselors can work with the teen and their family or work with the adolescent individually.

Anger Management Essentials: Teen Edition- Spanish Edition

Un libro de trabajo diseñado para ayudar a los adolescentes a controlar el comportamiento agresivo.

Anger Management Essentials – Armenian

Anger Management Essentials-ը աշխատանքային գրքույկ է, որն օգնում է զայրույթի խնդիրներ ունեցող մարդկանց կառավարել իրենց ագրեսիվ վարքը:

Anger Management Essentials – Hebrew

Anger Management Essentials הוא חוברת עבודה כדי לעזור לאנשים עם בעיות כעס לנהל את ההתנהגות האגרסיבית שלהם.

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