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Anger Management Objective

Attendees of Anger Management programs can expect to discuss, learn and practice effective new skills. These include communication, stress management and emotional intelligence. The process of meeting consistently and regularly with others and completing between-class written work leads to great chances for success!

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Our anger management programs teach participants how to
implement stress management strategies including relaxation.

We offer the following anger management programs:


Anger Management Executive Coaching is a one-to-one setting with the certified anger management facilitator, which can be delivered at our office or at the workplace. This program features:

• Individualized format
• Customized anger management programs for each participant
• Maximized participant privacy
• Flexible scheduling and duration

Anger Management for attorneys, physicians, celebrities, CEO’s and executives of companies are best received in an executive coaching format. Completing ten executive coaching sessions is highly recommended.


Anger Management participants are encouraged to interact with each other to receive and offer honest feedback in an anger management class setting. This format is effective for gaining insight and learning from the experiences of others. Anger Management Groups are arranged for your preference:

Co-Ed Anger Management Groups

Women Only Anger Management Groups

Men only Anger Management Groups

Armenian Anger Management Groups

Teen Anger Management Groups

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Spanish Anger Management Classes

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The anger management class format is especially helpful to increase empathy, patience, and improve listening skills. Participants are encouraged to be honest (respectfully) in the anger management group setting. Since many participants needing to come through the anger management course do not have the necessary skills to assert themselves, the anger management group setting provides a great forum to practice the newly developed skills.


Anger Management with the Family Program focuses on “Soothing the Angry Adolescent,” by addressing specific issues within the home context. It features:

• Customized anger management programs for each family.

• A “team-oriented” mindset that brings peace back into the home.

If your family members are receiving mental health professional care with outside professionals, our anger management facilitators will coordinate care with them in order to give you the best service possible. The Anger Management 818 team will help you focus on building anger management skills to increase the chances of receiving the most out of treatment.


Need a workshop for your department or agency? Our well trained anger management facilitators are available to provide workshops in most time-increments desired. The most popular anger management workshop can be provided within one hour.

Attending our anger management programs may meet the requirements for Anger Management courses that may be ordered by the courts, probation officers, schools, or employers.


As an Assessment Consultant to Anger Management 818, Dr. Mi-Yeoung Jo provides brief psychological assessments to evaluate for anger-related issues as well as other co-morbid (co-occurring) conditions that can lead to more targeted interventions and improved treatment outcomes. More comprehensive psychological evaluations are also available for those seeking to better understand deeper, longstanding personality and emotional issues that may be serving as barriers to more optimal functioning.

Customized Programs

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Spanish Anger Management Groups

Grupos para el Control de la Ira