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Interview with Dr. Vicken Sepilian and Anita Avedian on Anger Management

Interview with Dr. Vicken Sepilian and Anita Avedian on Social Anxiety

As quoted in, anita shares a few tips on how to calm down when angry. 


ShrinkSync Open Mic is a series we host to help members of our community highlight their specialty and share their wisdom with other therapists.

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Katrina Wood (audio)

The Wacky Wonderful World of Relationships

Dr Katrina and owner of company Anger Management 818 Anita Avedian MFT will be discussing what exactly anger management is, how it works and who would benefit from entering a program or class that specializes in this area. Dr K also challenges traditional notions of this topic pressing for a closer examination in the whole area of anger and what other alternatives might also be effective. Join us!

Shrink Rap (audio)