Anger Management Program

Attendees of Anger Management programs can expect to discuss, learn and practice effective new skills. These include communication, stress management and emotional intelligence. The process of meeting consistently and regularly with others and completing between-class written work leads to great chances for success! Classes are provided in both group and individual formats. Learn more below to find the structure that works best for you.

Anger Management Group Classes

Anger Management participants are encouraged to interact with each other to receive and offer honest feedback in an anger management class setting. This format is effective for gaining insight and learning from the experiences of others. We offer classes both in-person at all 5 locations and virtually online.

Co-Ed Anger Management Groups

Women-Only Anger Management Groups

Men-only Anger Management Groups

Low Fee Anger Management Groups

Spanish Anger Management Classes

The anger management class format is especially helpful in increasing empathy, patience, and improving listening skills. Participants are encouraged to be honest (respectfully) in the anger management group setting. Since many participants needing to come through the anger management course do not have the necessary skills to assert themselves, the anger management group setting provides a great forum to practice the newly developed skills.

Private Sessions – 1:1

Our team at Anger Management 818 has knowledgeable professionals with a wide variety of skills and experience. Our team members walk alongside you to transfer knowledge and help you to identify the root cause of your anger. We then provide you with accessible tools and skills, informed by research housed in our own workbook, to work through healthy ways to respond, rather than react to said triggers.

In a 1:1 setting, our providers are able to take a deep dive into personal struggles and give you individual support. We’re here to help you start the journey towards mending your relationships and to help you take back control of your life.

If you’re ready to start this journey, enroll with a counselor today.

Enrollment Process

  1. Call us at (818) 383-1399 to be connected with a counselor most suitable to your needs.
  2. Once you’ve been connected, complete the registration form.
  3. Your counselor will call you to schedule your initial intake appointment.

What type of provider is right for me?

We have a robust staff of anger management counselors and therapists, with a wide range of experience and expertise. Use this guide below to find the right match for you.

  • Seasoned therapist, Certified Anger Management Specialist –  20+ years of experience
    • $350/session with the Director of Anger Management 818
  • Licensed therapist, Certified Anger Management Counselor – experienced licensed clinician.
    • $250/session with our licensed therapists
  • Associate therapist – supervised by licensed therapists. Master-level experienced therapists with additional support from a senior licensed therapist.
    • $150/session with our associate therapists
  • Certified Anger Management Counselor – Experienced counselor certified in Anger Management
    • $100/session with our certified counselors