anger management 818
anger management 818 anger management 818
anger management 818
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anger management 818


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Are you ready to take control of your anger? Have colleagues, friends or family members complained about your temper? Has your anger lead to problems with the law, at work or your home? At Anger Management 818 we offer several different programs designed to help you learn about your anger, and manage your emotions more effectively. Let our anger management counselors help you perceive challenging situations differently to manage your daily life more smoothly and calmly. It is time for you to feel more in control of your emotions, and set up an environment where your surroundings are also comfortable with you.

Anger Management classes and executive coaching provide new anger management tools to help manage your daily life. Anger management classes provide the opportunity to practice effective ways to manage stress, communicate with others, and cope with difficult situations.

Whether you are seeking anger management services voluntarily, or have been court-ordered to take anger management, we have an anger management program that is right for you. Most of our anger management counselors are Master's level clinicians, specializing in providing anger management services. Our anger management team works closely with Human Resources and EAP professionals who have disruptive employees.

Anger Management counseling is also available for physicians, attorneys, and executives. Visit our custom programs to learn more about anger management for physicians and healthcare professionals, anger management for executives, anger management for attorneys, and anger management for people in the entertainment industry.

Anger Management 818 Mission, Vision, and Values


Our mission is to improve lives by promoting self-awareness and reducing violence through anger management and mental health services.


Our vision is to provide information, resources, and training to the community through outreach and local visibility. We accommodate our community and diverse population by offering affordable services, and flexible scheduling at multiple locations.


For our company we value

  • Responsibility
  • Professional Ethics
  • Integrity

For our clients we value

  • Flexibility
  • Non-judgmental environment
  • Cultural sensitivity

For the community we value

  • Education
  • Prevention
  • Resources
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  1. Is your adolescent getting into trouble at school?
  2. Is your teen's temper affecting their friendships?
  3. Is your home life stressful and explosive?
  4. As a parent, do you feel you have lost control over your teen? 
      Teen Anger Management Program
      Anger Management for The Family
  1. Is anger destroying your relationship?
  2. Are you having difficulty communicating with your partner?
  3. Are you ready to repair the damage anger has cost your relationship? 
  4. Do arguments lead to explosive and unproductive fights?
      Anger Management for the Volunteer
  1. Are you court ordered for Anger Management classes?
  2. Did your attorney recommend Anger Management classes?
  3. Are you tired of anger getting you into legal trouble?
  4. Have Children Services suggested Anger Management for you or your family? 
      Court Ordered Anger Management Classes
      Anger Management for Attorneys
  1. Do you feel misunderstood?
  2. Have you thrown your phone or damaged property in a moment of rage? 
  3. When you're angry, do you make comments you later regret?
  4. Do you feel unheard by others?
      Anger Management for the Volunteer
      Anger, Substance Abuse and Addiction
  1. Has Anger taken control over your life?
  2. Do you go from 1 to 10 within seconds?
  3. Have others mentioned you have a problem managing anger? 
  4. When you're angry, do you act in ways that you later regret?
      Anger Management for the Volunteer
  1. Is your work life frustrating and stressful?
  2. Is stress from work affecting your personal life?
  3. Has your anger at work led to disciplinary action, verbal warnings, or compliance issues? 
  4. As a woman, is there more pressure to control your anger/emotions at the workplace?
      Anger Management for Woman
      Employer/ Human Resources/ Risk Management Referred Anger Management
      Anger Management for the Employee
      Anger Management for Executives