Spanish Anger Management Groups

Our Spanish anger management groups are designed for the Latino and Spanish-speaking population of Los Angeles. Hispanic men and women are often stereotyped as angry and aggressive, which can sometimes be seen and accepted as a cultural trait. We also know that as Latinos, we were raised with different traditions, values and beliefs than those of the mainstream society we live in here in Los Angeles. Many times, these cultural differences lead Hispanic men and women into trouble with the law, DCFS, and the courts. Our program is also designed for Spanish-speaking court-mandated clients, however, we also welcome and encourage volunteer clients to join as a means of prevention. When anger is left untreated, this can escalate and create chaos in our lives.

The Spanish anger management group helps you by:

  1. Identifying and understanding your anger and learning how culture has played a role in the way you express emotions
  2. Learning tools to manage your anger and aggression in a more effective way
  3. Improving communication skills and conflict resolution skills
  4. Learning to set healthier boundaries with others and with yourself
  5. Learning differences in expectations and norms between Hispanic and American culture – difficulties in assimilation and integration in a new country

Spanish Anger Management groups are currently being offered in Glendale, Tarzana, and Sherman Oaks. Our facilitators are both bilingual and Spanish-speaking, Certified Anger Management Counselors and therapists. Group fees range from $20-$30 per class, depending on location. Our low fee groups are located in Sherman Oaks and Tarzana and cost $20 per class.

To make an appointment with one of our facilitators, please call 818-990-0999