Rethink Vacationing and Envision a Staycation

Rethink Vacationing and Envision a Staycation

By: Destiny Johnson

Since the pandemic began opportunities for travel have decreased. There have been many rescheduled or postponed vacations with individuals hoping for the end of COVID – 19. Many travel bans, restricted booking, and vaccine mandates resulted in many canceled flights, cruises, and vacations. The devastating effects of COVID-19 and all its variations I’m sure has many individuals wondering when traveling and vacationing will be able to happen.

Now that the pandemic has lasted longer than anticipated, should we rethink vacationing while the world is still influx?

Vacationing for many is a significant part of their lifestyle; a way to destress and re-center, while experiencing culture. Many view vacationing as a much-needed escape to relax. During the pandemic the need to get away or have an outlet to experience something new and entertaining is critical to people’s mental wellbeing

However, the challenges for vacationing are still felt and for many the options for vacationing have dwindled. Taking a vacation shouldn’t be a luxury or unattainable goal but a right to joy. A right to find clarity, find stillness, and to explore. Vacationing is a life-changing experience and can be recalibrated.

How can we re-think vacations and travel?

What if I provided an option for a vacation that allowed you to not travel far but was full of new possibilities and experiences. You can do this by creating vacations and getaways that are only a few miles away. Local vacationing can ease some concerns related to COVID-19, reduce restrictions toward travel, provide an unexpected escape that is affordable and most of all fun. This concept is called taking a “Staycation”.

What is a staycation? A staycation is a local gateway or tourism site that is near your residence. Staycations are an alternative to a traditional vacation that is still fun-filled, free of expensive travel fees, and can eliminate the hassle that comes with flying.

Types of Staycations

Overnight Stays– a vacation spent near an individual’s local home rather than abroad. That lasts overnight or a few days. For this, you may need to bring your own entertainment, as you have more than likely visited all of the local attractions around you already. Luckily, there are many RV internet options available if you’re traveling by RV, so you won’t be stuck struggling to get a film to load. Perfect for camping trips and late-night movies under the stars!

Day Trips – involves time being spent in one’s hometown or a few miles away. (The next city or an hour or two away). The day is filled with local attractions or activities that only require a few hours of travel to experience a day elsewhere and a fast return home.

What are the benefits of a Staycation?

Contactless travel options to increase safety. For example, using your own car can help reduce exposure of COVID – 19

Ensure that you follow road safety rules. If you are taking a day trip, keep your vehicle safe while traveling. Look for the signage for EV parking spaces especially if you own an electric vehicle.

Local travel means you reduce expenses and save more

May decrease travel time to destinations by attending local attraction

Ease of travel increases because you avoid airports, baggage claims etc.

Ability to help support local and community businesses

Explore new things that are relatively close to your neighborhood

What will you find in your local staycation pursuit?

Happy Staycation!!!

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