Letisha Hines

Letisha Hines, MTh.C, CAMC-I
Certified Anger Management Counselor

Photo of Letisha Hines, MTh.C, CAMC-I
Letisha Hines,MTh.C, CAMC-I
Certified Anger Management Counselor

Letisha is a certified anger management counselor trained to help clients improve their overall emotional wellbeing. Through proven tools and techniques, Letisha teaches clients how to make healthier life decisions that work to decrease stress levels, develop healthier personal and work relationships, improve communication skills, as well as increase self-awareness and empathy.

In addition to her anger management counseling experience, Letisha attained her B.S. degree in Human Development and Public Health Administration and her M.A. degree in Theology with an emphasis in pastoral counseling.  Pastoral counseling provides a unique background of integrating psychological understanding with spiritual resources which lend to one’s healing and growth. Letisha’s diverse counseling experiences also include community health education counseling, behavior modification services within the probation system, as well as social services counseling and foster family reunification counsel and supervision. 

Her approach to anger management counseling is to first help client redefine the misnomers associated with anger management and its objectives.  Clients receive ongoing instruction and tools to help guide them toward making healthier decisions that will improve their overall life satisfaction.  

Letisha specializes in working with anger management clients inclusive of: teens, adults, co-ed groups and underserved populations.

Individual and group counseling options available.