Anger Management for the Volunteer

Since volunteers are highly motivated to learn how to manage their anger, it can be frustrating for them to be in a group of court ordered clients who are more resistant. For this reason, Anger Management 818 has opened up a “Volunteers Only” group for their comfort.

Generally, volunteers have already passed the stage of accepting their problem, whether it was through the insight of loved ones, friends or co-workers, and are ready to change their behavior for the better. They enroll in an anger management program to improve their life with their peers or significant others, and come to terms with their issue. For this reason, a volunteer only setting makes for a more productive class.

It is important to know the difference between a Batterer’s Intervention Program and an Anger Management Program, as many people confuse them. Batterer’s Intervention Program (sometimes called Domestic Violence Classes) is typically the result of a violent act within the family, usually between the couple. Anger Management classes are better suited to teach individuals the life skills necessary to control anger, be more tolerant of situations, and manage stress more effectively. They can also help to improve interpersonal relationships.

Our classes provide tools to explore and apply effective anger management skills to manage stress and communicate more effectively. Additional skills taught include empathy, improving judgment, managing impulse control, developing boundary setting, understanding triggers, staying calm, and incorporating self-talk.

There are, however, instances where volunteers feel forced to attend sessions by their support groups, in which cases they feel anger management is more of a burden or punishment. Participants are often pleasantly surprised to find anger management classes to be very different from their initial perceptions. Many usually report improvements in managing anger in as little as two sessions. The majority of participants report the importance of learning anger management skills from a younger age to help with interpersonal interactions.

If you or someone you know has difficulty communicating or managing anger or stress, anger management sessions might be the beginning of a new world!