Anger Management for The Family

When anger is mismanaged at home, it can create a negative environment for everyone in the family, setting the stage for the children to take on those habits and parents to live with high levels of tension.

Harsh, violent, and hurtful expressions of anger at home can be debilitating, leading to additional mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder. These negative experiences contribute to the general societal ideas that anger is bad, wrong, hurtful and negative. When used appropriately though, anger can help discharge built up energy and it can help manage conflict, resulting in improved relationships and better living conditions.

At Anger Management 818, we work with families and their anger management issues. We customize the approach for each family, identifying the areas to focus on, including improving interpersonal communication, managing outbursts, handling stress, and developing empathy for one another. By addressing anger management in the family, relationships at home improve as the tools and skills we teach are implemented. This allows for closer relationships to emerge, which builds stronger family connections, resulting in happier parents, children, and siblings.

When to choose the Anger Management for the Family Program:

    1. If you have children and/or teens, and there are many conflicts within the family.
  1. If you have aging parents, and there are many conflicts within the home.

Please note: This is not a good option if there has been any physical violence.

Since working with the family can stir up some clinical concerns, at Anger Management 818 we have our clinical staff (licensed, and pre-licensed) work with the family unit.