Anger Management For The Entertainment Industry And Celebrity Anger Management

Los Angeles is the entertainment capitol of the world. American culture, thoughts, and ideas are broadcast to the rest of the world through television, film, music, radio, and the internet. Billions of dollars are made, fame and fortune are created, and as one star rises, another falls. For the people who are players in the entertainment industry, there is much at stake – personal creative expression, livelihood in entertainment production, professional reputation, professional viability, and even the 15 minutes of fame that some are blessed or cursed by. With all of this going on, it’s no wonder that many entertainers look to hire the services of a public relations agency similar to Lobeline Communications in order to make sure that they stay on the good side of the press.

When they have so much personally invested, many entertainment industry professionals have anger management issues. The behaviors of these angry professionals often include intimidation and manipulation. Most times these behaviors are overlooked or dealt with because of other qualities the professional might have (e.g., creative genius or a history of success). This often leads to inefficient production, unhappy employees, and negative work environments that ultimately affect the final product and creative vision the entertainment professional was aiming for in the first place.

Anger Management 818 customizes our programs to address the entertainment industry’s unique professional situations. This customized anger management program will meet the needs of the entertainment professional who:

  1. Wants to reduce interpersonal conflict with their surroundings;
  2. Desires to improve communication and anger management skills;
  3. Has been referred by either human resources, or management;
  4. Has received complaints about their anger and lack of patience from their coworkers, friends and loved ones.

Executive coaching is great for the celebrity who wants maximum participant privacy. Anger management classes are beneficial for the entertainment professional who needs to work on emotional intelligence and empathy.

Anita Avedian specializes in celebrity anger management. She has worked on several reality shows, including the Bad Girl’s Club, Sunset Tan, Mad House, and panel talks such as On Point. Anita has been a guest on a few radio shows including Hot Mom’s Club, Dr. Katrina Wood, and Shrink Rap. Having provided celebrity anger management through the years, Anita understands the challenges and stressors entertainment professionals face. Celebrity anger management has become so common in the past few years that over 10 production companies have approached Anita in the past 2 years in attempts to start an anger management reality show.