Anger Management for Executives

Why does Anger Management 818 have a separate anger management program for executives? Many times executives live in a fast-paced environment. The stress load and the level of responsibilities the executive carries oftentimes lead to feeling overwhelmed, consequently resulting in getting frustrated and more impatient with those around them. Some executives are looking to reduce their stress in the workplace through the use of technology. For example, the use of project management and tracking software (such as to produce information which is easier to understand and process. However, not all executive problems can be solved with better technology as sometimes it comes down to the person they are. A common area that needs development for the executive is empathy. The level of improvement varies for each individual. Thus the focus of our Anger Management for Executives program is to help the administrator understand the importance of empathy, to improve their ability to understand others, and to increase emotional intelligence. By understanding others, the executive can enjoy their daily interactions more often, and respond more calmly.

The best course of treatment for the executive is to attend anger management classes and take executive coaching sessions, because professionals who provide executive coaching in Dubai or in whichever location, will know all the right things to say and do to achieve the best end results. The purpose of the classes is to help practice newly learned skills for improving empathy and emotional intelligence. Practicing skills for empathy is best practiced with other people, considering the purpose is to better understand others, and try to experience how they are feeling. On the other hand, the executive coaching sessions will tailor the program to the specific needs of the executive, thus customizing the material for them particularly. The two programs combined work very well.

Most calls received regarding the Anger Management for Executives program come from Human Resources or EAP. When there is conflict between executives, or between an executive and an employee, human resources will oftentimes get involved, and have them seek executive coaching sessions for anger management. To keep human resources working efficiently so these matters are dealt with quickly, implementing software from companies such as The PEO People can help businesses assist their employees when they are in need. The Anger Management for Executives program focuses on the skills needed to help reduce interpersonal conflict, help improve communication, increase emotional intelligence and enhance stress management skills. Though the executive oftentimes is resistant to attending and participating in an anger management program, at the completion of the program, they commonly report being pleasantly surprised to learn such helpful anger management skills that not only will benefit them with their employees and coworkers, but also with their friends and family members.

The Anger Management for Executives program will meet the needs of the professional who:

  1. Wants to reduce interpersonal conflict in their workplace environment;
  2. Desires to improve communication and anger management skills;
  3. Has been referred by either human resources, or their supervisor.

Anita Avedian has worked as the Employee and Physician Assistance Program Coordinator (EAP) for Kaiser Permanente. She has done EAP work for numerous companies for the past 15 years. Having worked with management and executives, she grasps the complexities and challenges one faces when working in a fast-paced business setting. Anita works with departments, coaching the management, and working with the department staff. She understands the importance of helping executives improve their interpersonal skills and creating a more respectful work environment.