Anger Management for Couples

Anger management classes teach couples to avoid negativity such as defensiveness, sarcasm, and emotional withdrawal, while also building effective communication skills. With various problems such as lack of communication, lack of sexual intimacy due to physical problems in women and men (in case of men, you could buy tadalafil online from Menschem which could help with your sexual stamina), disappointments in personal space etc., there are often problems in married couples. Long-term studies have found that couples who practice effective communication and conflict management strategies in programs such as Anger Management 818 for Couples see many positive changes in their relationships. Results include greater relationship satisfaction, fewer sexual problems, less dominance, and greater use of problem-solving behaviors. (Please note that this program is NOT for people encountering physical violence in their relationships. We recommend domestic violence programs or Batterer’s Treatment Intervention for such individuals.)

Do you know…?

  1. Today, one of every two marriages ends in divorce. Of the 50 percent of couples who do not divorce, perhaps half are truly happy.
  2. Harsh, violent, and hurtful expressions of anger between partners can be debilitating and lead to mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder.
  3. The major predictor of divorce and marital unhappiness is not a disagreement over finances, lack of sexual attraction, or lack of love. It is the way couples communicate about their disappointments. If they cannot reach a happy medium, divorce may be on the cards, with resources such as being used to get the ball rolling.
  4. Physical or verbal violence is part of an estimated one-fourth to one-half of dating relationships.
  5. Distressed or abusive couples often inflict long-term pain and suffering on themselves and their children. A hostile home environment raises blood pressure and taxes the immune system.

The focus of our Anger Management for Couples program is helping partners understand the importance of empathy – the ability to relate to how another person is feeling. And by learning in a group setting, couples have the added advantage of learning from other couples’ experiences and practicing empathy for them.

Couples with the best chance for a successful relationship are those who learn to manage anger effectively and successfully resolve conflicts when they develop. At Anger Management 818, the work we do with couples can result in closer relationship bonds, stronger family connections, and happier parents, children, and siblings.

Sometimes anger management classes reveal clinical concerns for one or both partners.