Anger Management for Attorneys

Undoubtedly, being an attorney is one of the most stressful professions. Although at times stress can aid in productivity, if left unmanaged, stress can cause anger management problems that can interfere with functioning both professionally and personally. Attorney anger management problems can arise from a number of sources, including the competitive nature of the legal field, fatigue from overworking, and working with difficult personalities. Anger management skills for attorneys are essential in avoiding health complications, psychological distress, diminished productivity at work, and poor interpersonal relationships. In addition to traditional anger management lessons, this program includes a curriculum specifically designed to address the anger management needs of attorneys, and the stressors unique in the legal field. Our attorney anger management program is designed for lawyers who seek new skills in anger management, stress management, communication, and emotional intelligence. These skills are designed to help manage one’s anger, and to express one’s needs in more effective ways. Anger Management for Attorneys is essential for dealing with specific problems that lawyers are frequently susceptible to, such as:

  1. High divorce rates – stressors from the workplace may be the cause for the significantly high divorce rates among attorneys.
  2. Domestic violence – which may stem from stress, as well as concentration and motivation habits.
  3. Substance abuse – studies have shown increased incidences of alcoholism and substance abuse among attorneys.
  4. Stress-related health problems – frequent high stress situations can cause serious, life-threatening illnesses.

Anger Management for Attorneys can help lawyers to identify the underlying causes of their anger, and will also coach them on how to effectively deal with their emotions. Anger Management for Attorneys is a program that is specifically designed to help reduce the risks associated with divorce, domestic violence, substance abuse, and also stress related health problems. By implementing their newly acquired anger management skills, attorneys can benefit in various ways, such as: increasing productivity, sharpening mental focus, strengthening interpersonal communication, and improving personal well being.

Currently, Anger Management 818 is offering two programs that can assist attorneys in dealing with anger issues. Our first program, Executive Coaching, is customized and conducted in a one-on-one format. It is designed to address the anger issues that specifically affect lawyers. Our second program, the anger management class, is conducted in a group setting. It is designed to help the participants improve interpersonal communication skills, increase empathy, and enhance both stress management and anger management skills. To achieve maximum results, Anger Management 818 recommends attorneys to participate in both formats.