Dealing With Unaccomplished Goals

Dealing With Unaccomplished Goals

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One of the major stressors at this time of the year, is taking stock and realizing the plans we made in the beginning of the year have not been accomplished. This can be discouraging. Instead of focusing on what has not been done;

  1. Take time to identify what has been done- celebrate victories, even small ones.
  2. Look back and identify if those items on your to-do list are still a priority.
  3. If they are still a priority, reevaluate why they did not get done this past year, and plan better to overcome those hurdles and have them accomplished the following year.
  4. When setting goals, it is important to write them down. This creates a sense of commitment to these goals and accountability necessary to keep us going. There is also the satisfaction that comes with crossing out things from the checklist.
  5. Set SMART goals, which is attributed to Peter Drucker’s “Management of Objectives” concept. This is how he breaks it down;

       Specific – Well defined and clear.

       Measurable – With criteria necessary to measure progress.

       Achievable – Possible to attain.

       Realistic – Within reach and relevant to your goals. Setting unrealistic ones set us up for failure. With every small goal, there is a sense of accomplishment when those things are completed, and this motivates us to work on the next one. Sometimes less is more.

       Timely – Create a deadline to give yourself urgency and increase the chances of it being completed. You can even create a timeline for every milestone towards reaching a grander goal.


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