Beauty rising from the chaos – Silver lining of COVID-19

Beauty rising from the chaos – Silver lining of COVID-19

April 15, 2020 awareness Covid-19 Relationships 0

During this very uncertain and strange time in history many people find themselves in a state of confusion, conflict and chaos. Feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and fear are at their all-time high. However, it is our individual responsibility to reframe our perspective during times of crisis and give ourselves and others grace and patience as we ride out the tedious and indefinite task of orders like “shelter in place”. Many are asking themselves “How will I make ends meet?”,” Why do I feel so alone?”, “What will I do now that I’ve lost my job?” Heavy stuff, right? Even if you haven’t lost your job, you will probably be working from home and that can provide problems in itself. How are you going to support your kids and manage working from home? Do you need to contact somewhere like Go AU Pair for some help with the kids? Are you feeling lonely and secluded whilst based at home? These realities are what we are faced with during this time, but we cannot be overtaken by what we cannot control. So, to reframe these thoughts, we ask, how do we embrace the circumstances that we are in with positivity?

A lot of the time you will find that these worries are actually futile. You might find that regarding the issues revolving around your job, you might find that you can actually work from home and won’t have to worry too much about that, of course, if you are going to work from home, then you need to make sure that you have all the bits and bobs that you need. You need to think about if you need to get cheap filing cabinets to help you stay organised, a comfortable chair and all of those things.

If you can’t work from home, then try not to worry too much. Every rose has its thorns, but thorns don’t keep us from picking the flowers (ouch!) As we live and grow, we come into the understanding that love does not cease to exist without pain. The same is true in times such as these, understanding that life is not lived without hardships, uncertainties, or uncomfortable situations. However, it is our personal responsibility to find the silver lining.

The following are silver linings to consider:

  1. Spending Quality Time with Family and Friends

    Have you ever said, “I wish I could have a day off to spend some extra time with my family”? Or, “I wish I could catch up with my friends as we use too”? This is the perfect time to love your friends and family, as life is so short. A few ways to connect with each other is by using technology to your advantage, use Zoom, House Party, or Facetime to virtually connect and get creative with those who are at a distance. Have a game night or sit at the dining room table and share a meal with your family. Watch a movie or talk about frivolous things with your significant other. If you’re meeting friends, remember to take precautions and abide by any legislations. If you’re gathering in a large group, it might be worth wearing a face mask to keep yourself safe. If you’re in need of a face mask, you could consider customizing your own by visiting Imprint, or another website similar. That should prevent you from spreading any germs, keeping you all safe.

  2. Slowing Down

    Taking time to rest is vital. Slowing down allows us opportunities to reflect, plan, and strategize toward implementation. Not taking the appropriate time to pause, can result in burn out, stagnation, and being on autopilot. Waiting does have to be passive, you can actively wait. For example, meditation, reflection and journaling, making a hot breakfast in the morning, taking naps, and sleeping in.

  3. Focusing on What’s Important

    Most days we are bombarded with the nuances of life. The routine of being busy, but tragedy has a way of resting order. Which helps us identify what really matters during this time (this may look different for everyone). I challenge you to sit with your values, and that which you hold dear to determine what is of most importance. Find ways to align with the present as you prepare for the future.

  4. Appreciation of What We Have

    Take a deep breath! Inhale, then exhale
    Count your blessings and find gratitude in the small things. Such as not fighting traffic on the 405 (thank God for that!), spending excess money on gas, hanging out with your pets a little more, and being able to spend a little more time taking care of home (tackling that large load of laundry), and listening to the birds outside your window.

    Now it’s your turn, what are a few of your favorite silver linings?

Destiny Johnson, M.S

Avedian Counseling Center is offering three free individual sessions to a limited number of people and, Talin Honarchian, LMFT, will be starting a free virtual support group on Mondays at 11 am for those directly impacted by the Coronavirus. Call us at (818) 426-2495 to learn more.


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