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Anger Management 818
June 2012

With summer fast approaching, you may have plenty on your mind as far as vacationing, family, work, heat, etc. Stay cool this season by keeping your cool with our Quick Tips for Reducing Anger.
Also, make sure to scroll down to the end of this newsletter to see our Call to Action.

Anger Management 818
Costs of Anger
by: Rachel Goukassian, MFT

Everywhere we look, people are concerned about rising costs. The cost of gas, groceries, rent... the list of essentials with increasing prices goes on and on. If you are like most Americans, continuing to pay a higher price for the things you need may be getting uncomfortable. You may have little control over the costs of things like gas, but there is one essential cost that you absolutely can learn to control. ...Read more


For Therapists

Have you ever considered adding anger management sessions to your clients' therapy sessions? You may be surprised with the positive results this practice yields. Refer a client of yours today for a free intake!

Call to Action
With Summer heating up outside, what is happening when you heat up inside? Over the next few days, notice how your body reacts to feelings of anger. Is it a slight smolder or a raging fire? Our bodies often tell us about our emotional reactions before our brains fully comprehend them. Does your chest constrict or your stomach hurt? Do your hands automatically ball into fists or do you start perspiring? One of the first steps in managing anger is becoming aware of its physical symptoms.
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Emotional Regulation Skills
by Cristina Mardirossian, MFT
Having the tools to help regulate your emotions is crucial in maintaining a good quality of life. These tools help you stay grounded in your day to day functioning, even if things aren't looking like they are going to improve. Emotion regulation skills are also helpful in that they help you respond to life events rather than react to them.

Here are some effective ways to start practicing some of these ...Read more


 Every Tuesday we are offering a free one hour anger management session to current or returning Veterans. It's our way of giving back to those who have given us so much! It's every Tuesday 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at our Sherman Oaks location. Valid form of military identification necessary for group participation.


For a limited time only, we are offering $20 off intake interviews (original fee $70) with the mention of our Twitter posts at the time of scheduling (over the phone) or during the intake interview.


Anger Management 818 Team

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