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Customized Programs

Anger and Process Addiction

A process addiction is an addiction to a behavior. Process addictions suppress and blunt emotions, as well as limit a person’s ability to respond to their emotions in constructive and healthy ways. Process addictions include, but are not limited to sex addiction, work addiction, gambling addiction, and compulsive relationship addiction. Process addictions can be extremely harmful to the individual engaging in the behaviors as well as to those around them.

A behavior becomes a process addiction when it begins to get in the way of other enjoyable, healthy activities and relationships. Process addictions create a continued drive and need to repeat a behavior, despite its negative consequences.

Recovering from process addictions can be painful and difficult. When an individual begins recovery from a process addiction, emotions such as anger, will be unveiled and the individual may struggle with how to manage them. It is not uncommon for a person who is new to recovery from a process addiction to experience anger and rage. Process addictions inhibit a person from learning healthy coping skills to effectively managing feelings, such as anger. Individuals who have experienced an addiction to a behavior are unable to express their anger in constructive ways because they are used to managing their feelings with the compulsive behavior.

Managing anger in early recovery from a process addiction can be difficult. At the core of all anger and addiction are unmet needs. In order to effectively recover from the process addiction as well as overcome the anger, a person needs to address their unmet needs and the underlying feelings that are connected to their anger.

Anger Management 818 provides individuals an environment that promotes the freedom to learn and practice new anger management skills. Our anger management counselors are equipped to help individuals learn constructive ways of expressing their anger in order to assist participants in developing healthy coping skills to manage their anger and other underlying emotions.

Two of our Anger Management therapists are specialists in working with individuals dealing with anger, and process addiction.

Erika Krueger is a Professional Certified Addictions Specialist as well as a Certified Anger Management Facilitator. She works well with participants dealing with anger and process addiction. Executive Coaching is an excellent forum to customize a program for dealing with issues surrounding anger and process addiction.

Anita Avedian specializes in working with issues surrounding addictions and anger. Though some of our anger management classes review triggers to destructive behavior, our Executive Coaching sessions are an excellent forum to customize a program for dealing with and anger and process addiction issues.

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